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  • How do I hire someone in Vietnam?
  • How can I hire a foreigner in Vietnam?
  • Where can I recruit full time IT developers?
  • Can I remotely hire Vietnamese staff if I am not in Vietnam?
  • What is the recruitment process, laws and culture in Vietnam?
  • What benefits should I offer to make the job attractive to Vietnamese candidates?
  • What Dos and Don’ts when recruit Vietnamese employees?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? We bet yes. Contact us to find answers to those questions immediately, for FREE.

Vietnam has an abundance of high-quality human resources in IT, F&B, retailing, trading, marketing, FMCG, hospitality, real estate, and manufacturing. Furthermore, the cost of hiring remains lower than in many of the region’s neighboring countries, making Vietnam an employment hub in South East Asia.

However, the challenges for a new company in the market, particularly those unfamiliar with the language, culture, or laws, can be enormous.

The good news is that you can delegate all of the difficult tasks to us and simply sit back and enjoy the end result. Our Recruitment Consultants are ready to assist you in sourcing, screening, and selecting the best candidates for your company.

Furthermore, VNBG can provide you with free consulting on hiring and employment in Vietnam, assisting you in understanding how to develop policy and deal with reality.

If you have any questions about recruitment or human resources in Vietnam, please contact us for FREE consultation using the button (Contact us) below.

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Lan Phuong
Lan Phuong@Phuonglan1488
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Found a great help with recruiting my back-end developers with VNBG. I did not have to pay until successful result confirmed. The process as smooth. Of course we did not use only VNBG as recruitment agency, but the quality of the candidates brought from them is the best. Highly recommended.
Mia Do
Mia Do@mia_mia_do
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We hired a Project Lead through this company and happy with the result. Got submitted almost 10 candidates and all of them are equally good. We finally made decision and got pretty satisfied. The recruitment agent was super nice as well.
Christ Lezzi
Christ Lezzi@C_Lezzi
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My company was looking for a Market Analyst to work remotely in Vietnam. I did not know anything about how recruitment practice in Vietnam was, but the specialist helped me understand many things. I finally found the person I want. I rate this company very high in their professional service.

I have a team of four software developers working for me in Vietnam, and I manage them remotely (from my office-home in California). Despite the fact that my company is not physically present in Vietnam, my employees are content because our payroll/EOR vendor handles the employer responsibilities on my behalf. As a result, my global business operations have become much more efficient.

employer of record - eor

VNBG helps fulfill your employer responsibilities in vietnam
  • Not having an entity but still wanting to hire people in Vietnam?
  • Your team in Vietnam complained about the lack of state insurance?
  • Your staff in Vietnam leave jobs because they do not feel “secure” enough?
  • Looking for a payroll service or HR outsourcing partner in Vietnam?

If you are facing these troubles, here is the solution you probably need.

Companies from other countries can still recruit in Vietnam even if they are not physically present in the country. Their hiring can be made completely legal by adhering to all labor laws and other laws pertaining to hiring in Vietnam. This is provided by our Employer or Records (EOR) service, or you can call us by different names such as Employer Services Provider, Administrative Employer, Co-Employment Services Provider, Employee Leasing Company, Human Resource Outsourcing Partner etc. 

In short, VNBG will act as an Employer of Record, which means that it will be legally responsible for paying your employees in Vietnam, including dealing with their taxes, benefits, insurance, Work Permit, Work visa, and TRC (Temporary Resident Card), as well as a variety of other human resource transactions and operations.

Even for local businesses, employment in Vietnam is a critical and challenging topic. The burdensome labor law and hiring procedures, which are riddled with red tape, are the primary reasons why companies are discouraged from entering into labor contracts on their own. Even many Vietnamese entities or foreign-owned companies in Vietnam seek EOR services and see it as a way to avoid future problems. In that sense, we, as an EOR company, will assist them in bearing that risk and fulfilling all employer responsibilities on their behalf.

Our EOR service is also available to international EOR or PEO companies who want to look for a local partner to whom they can outsource their end service to us. We will handle their clients’ needs seamlessly with the highest level of data protection

Besides helping our clients to recruit local Vietnamese, we also can host non-Vietnamese employees (ex-pats) under our EOR service from which we can obtain Work Permit and stay permit (Work Visa or TRC) for them. For more information, please contact us.

FAQ - eor/peo service with vnbg

What services are included in the PEO or EOR package? 
  • Our main service is to help you provide the agreed HR benefits to your employee in Vietnam from salary payments to Social security registration/contribution, allowance payments, Bonus payments, and other HR/Admin supports that are needed. 
How does VNBG handle payroll processing, taxes, and other HR-related responsibilities?
  • VNBG plays the role of the Employer of your employee, our business entity in Vietnam will host your team under our payroll where we can declare your staff as ours. In this way, we can process payroll, and declare and pay taxes for your employees.   
How does VNBG handle employee benefits administration, such as offering health insurance and other benefits?
  • We fulfill the employer’s obligation to contribute to their employees’ government-mandated medical insurance. In addition, we have relationships with local private health insurance providers who, if necessary, may offer affordable healthcare coverage to your workforce.
What kind of support does VNBG provide for HR compliance and legal matters?
  • As part of the onboarding procedure, we always require employees to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) in which they agree to respect our and our client’s confidentiality. Our contract is also structured to secure the client’s confidential business information. We advise our clients on practices that comply with Vietnamese law. We would prevent legal exposure as much as possible for ourselves, our clients, and their employees.
What is VNBG’s experience and track record working with companies in different areas?
  • We have been working for companies from the USA, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany, and many more to hire and manage their team in Vietnam. Our clients are from various businesses and industries, most significantly IT, Trading, Business services, Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Beauty and Fitness ect.
What is the pricing model and what additional fees or charges may apply?
  • VNBG’s highly adaptable and competitive pricing structures enable any organization, regardless of industry or business strategy, to optimize its budget. We are delighted to be a local partner for a large number of multinational PEO and EOR firms that find our offer so attractive.
How does VNBG handle employee relations and disputes, and what is our approach to employee engagement and development?
  • As a local partner, the VNBG EOR specialist acts as your remote HR expert. We maintain close communication with your staff in order to comprehend their demands, inquiries, and concerns. We assist our clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their employees’ cultural qualities, common habits, and mentalities. When a potential disagreement arises, we will act as a mediator to help resolve the conflict. If litigation is in sight, we provide our clients with the best legal counsel to reduce the risks and expenses associated with resolving the issue. Our motto at VNBG is to work for the benefit of our clients.
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