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Meet some of our monthly featured faces, our experts at VNBG, and our excellent business consultants who can help guide you through the maze of doing business in Vietnam

VNBG people - HR solution consultant
Our featured story
Nguyen Hanh nguyen - hr 360 solution senior consultant

Let’s meet our nice and kind colleague, Nguyen Hanh Nguyen – our Senior HR Solutions Consultant, who has a remarkable story to share about her recent decision to part with her cherished long, black hair, which she had lovingly maintained for many years.

Her motivation for this significant gesture was to donate it to charity for the benefit of cancer patients. Nguyen’s unwavering belief in the power of Social Responsibility from an individual’s standpoint truly shines through.

Reflecting on her beliefs, Nguyen once said, “One drop of rain can contribute to an ocean,” signifying her belief that even the smallest act of kindness can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

By offering her hair to support cancer patients, she sets an inspiring example of the notion, “We live and we share.” Nguyen’s generous act exemplifies the essence of compassion and altruism, reminding us all of the potential within each of us at VNBG to make a positive difference in the world.

We are all inspired by Nguyen’s dedication to social responsibility and the spirit of giving.

VNBG People - Business Consultant
Business consultant

Meet Rachel, our dedicated Business Consultant, who has vast experience guiding investors to Vietnam’s dynamic market. Her adept support facilitates successful entries, skillfully navigating complex regulations from incorporation to operation. As a steady beacon amid information overload, she empowers clients to pursue business plans with confidence, unlocking Vietnam’s potential for growth.

VNBG Tax advisor
tax/accounting advisor

Meet Ngoc Cao, the expert behind VNBG’s exceptional Taxation, Accounting, and Payroll services. With vast experience and in-depth knowledge, Ngoc can navigate complexities, optimize outcomes, and foster strong client relationships. Ngoc has become our clients’ most frequent contact for tax matters. Let Ngoc and VNBG team handle your accounting while you focus on growing your business.

VNBG Legal Specialist
Legal consultant - ip/immigration

Tan Vu, our Legal Specialist, navigates the intricate legal and regulatory web, supporting investors in Vietnam in IP and immigration matters such as Visa, Work Permit, and TRC applications. With expertise, logic-driven thinking, and a focus on solving problems, he offers the best solutions to investors who want to set start a permanent life in Vietnam by starting a business.

VNBG Legal specialist 2
legal consultant - investment law/licensing

Sarah Tran, our legal consultant at VNBG, specializes in assisting clients with business setup from a regulatory standpoint. Her expertise enables a clear understanding of the requirements and conditions for business incorporation. Sarah goes the extra mile to obtain challenging licenses, including ministry approvals, making her a valuable asset for businesses.

VNBG recruitment consultant
recruitment consultant

Meet Xuan, VNBG’s experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist, skilled in recruiting suitable candidates to meet your company’s needs. With expertise in navigating the Vietnamese labor market, Xuan has assisted numerous foreign companies in selecting capable and qualified personnel. Let her be your guide to acquiring high-quality “human resources” in Vietnam. Contact Xuan for recruitment services that truly match your needs.

VNBG Marketing strategist
marketing strategist

Meet Hai Dinh, the Client-Centric Marketing Specialist at VNBG, driving our business forward with a focus on clients’ needs. His exceptional Client Understanding skills enable personalized marketing strategies, fostering customer engagement. Hai’s insights keep us ahead, identifying opportunities that benefit our clients. He leads VNBG’s marketing efforts, dedicated to elevating our clients’ businesses.

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